Our summer camps run Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 1PM and provide your young chef an experience that will raise their culinary skills to a new level. This summer we'll be offering three different camps designed to teach basic kitchen skills, explore world cuisines or turn your young chef into an expert baker. Each day students will be supplied with aprons, lecture materials and recipes for everything we make in class. We will take a break at lunchtime to each some of our creations. Each camp is $425.00 per student. 

Culinary 101 SOLD OUT

Students get a great feel for everything we do in the kitchen as professionals


June 28th - July 1st Registration


Day 1 – Safety, Taste, Knife Skills, Stocks, Soups


Day 2 – Common Herbs & Spices, Knife Skills, Sauté & Braise


Day 3 – Uncommon Herbs & Spices, Knife Skills, Emulsion Sauces, Salads


Day 4 – Flours & Leavening Agents, Knife Skills, Noodles & Roasting


International Cuisine SOLD OUT

Students explore the ingredients and techniques from cuisines around the world

July 12th - July 15 Registration


Day 1 – China & Japan


Day 2 – Italy


Day 3 – Mexico & South America


Day 4 – Greece & The Mediterranean


Master Baking Camp SOLD OUT

The camp will cover all of the basic techniques and recipes used by pastry chefs

August 23rd - 26th Registration


Day 1 – Pies & Tarts, Bread Starters


Day 2 – Breads & Flatbreads


Day 3 – Cookies & Candies, Chocolate


Day 4 – Cakes, Cup Cakes, Muffins, Scones