Join as we explore the great cuisines from around the world by preparing some of their most classic dishes. Whether we'll be slow cooking sweet potatoes and prunes in a tagine for the Moroccan class or making Ssamjang for our Korean BBQ, we'll learn about the local ingredients, tools, and techniques used to create these wonderful dishes. (Ingredients for each class are subject to change based on product availability.)

Please remember that we can't offer refunds to classes because our seating is very limited. If you can't make a class, you can send a friend in your place. Email us at least six hours before the class starts and let us know who will be taking your place. Schola is BYOB so bring a bottle or two of whatever you'd like to enjoy while cooking and eating.


The Feast of the Seven Fishes - December 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 SOLD OUT

Celebrate the Holidays with the Italian-American tradition (also a Schola tradition!) of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. On the menu: 

  • Mussels, open face with Spicy Tomato & Parmesan

  • Whipped Baccala & Garlic Toasts

  • Fried Calamari

  • Shrimp with Slow Roasted Fennel and Charred Citrus

  • Pasta alla Puttanesca

  • Crab, Tomato and Basil Risotto

  • Braised Cod in a Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Sauce with toasted Pine Nuts

  • Italian Cookies and Candies.  

$85 12/17 TICKETS12/20 TICKETS12/21 TICKETS12/22 TICKETS12/23 TICKETS  

The Principles of Thai Cookery - Thursday January 27, 6PM

Chef McDang, the most respected chef in Thailand, in his book 'The Principles of Thai Cookery' describes 'sum rap Thai' - the way Thais eat. He explains that Thai cooking can be defined by 'intricacy, attention to detail, texture, color, taste and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits as well as good flavor.' The class will prepare six of his most classic dishes and enjoy them family style, as is the tradition in Thailand. $79.99. TICKETS 

Korean Barbecue - Saturday January 29, 5PM

Although they‘ve been around for a long time, Korean BBQ joints are becoming more and more popular and we’ve become huge fans of this style of eating! Although Korean cuisine goes much further than just barbecue, we wanted to focus on this unique dining experience. Join us as we explore the Korean ‘Mother Sauces or Jangs, try to understand the pickling process of Kimchi, create a vast array of Banchans, or side dishes, make our own Ssamjang, the ubiquitous Korean Barbecue condiment and bring all this the table where we’ll grill Kalbi, marinated short ribs and a few other treats only to wrap them in lettuce and enjoy! $79.99   TICKETS

The Mediterranean Inspired Cuisine of Greece - Thursday February 10, 6PM

The cuisine of Greece conjures up images of beautiful architecture, stunning views of the ocean along with health and longevity. Lots has been studied about this cuisine heavy in olive oil, vegetables, honey, spices and nuts but even without the implications of this healthy way to live, Greek food is comforting to the body and mind. We'll prepare some of the traditional meze plates; Spanakopita, Melitzanossalata (eggplant dip), Kolokythokeftedes (fried zucchini balls) and freshly baked pita. For the main course, two staples of the Greek diet - roasted lamb and braised octopus along with the potato and eggplant based Moussaka and a salad made from local produce and to finish the meal - Baklava. $79.99   TICKETS

The Cuisine of Ireland for St. Paddy's Day - Thursday March 17, 6PM

Kevin Dundon, Ireland's newest celebrity chef is redefining Irish cooking by modernizing all the classics. What better way than the celebration of Ireland's patron saint, Patrick to explore this emerging cuisine. The class will start with some smoked Salmon on Irish Brown Bread with Scallion and Chive Farmhouse Cheese Spread. We'll then make the famous Potato Boxtys stuffed with Creamed Bacon and Garlic & Herb Stuffed Mussels. For the entree we'll craft Guinness Braised Beef Short Ribs with Carrot and Parsnip Puree and Crispy Cabbage. And to finish the meal we'll stuff Irish Pancakes with Apples and Nutella and make Brown Bread Ice Cream. $79.99  TICKETS

The Cuisine of Vietnam - TBD

Traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of dairy and oil, complementary textures, and reliance on herbs and vegetables. Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by the Asian principle of five elements. Dishes are designed to contrast different texture and flavors while appealing to all five senses. The class will make Goi coun – salad rolls, Bun cha – a dish of roasted pork and noodles, Canh chua – a sour fish soup, Choa ga – rice porridge with chicken and a few different Dua or pickled vegetables. $79.99  

Japanese Izakaya - TBD

Izakaya, or Japanese ‘pub’ is a unique cornerstone of Japanese culture. These pubs serve both traditional and innovative small plates, remarkably like the Spanish tapas bar. Join us as we explore this delicious and nutritious way to eat. We’ll make crayfish miso soup, spinach in black sesame dressing, sweet ginger meatballs, prawn fritters with shiso and salted plum and triple fried chicken. Add in a bowl of warm rice and we can relax and enjoy these unique flavor combinations. $79.99      

The Cuisine of Morocco - TBD

Moroccan cuisine is an amalgam of Mediterranean, Arabic, Andalusian and Berber influences imposed on a country rich in tradition and culture. We'll craft two starters - Rghaif, a folded flat bread stuffed with caramelized onion and raisins and Briouats, spinach rolls with Caper Sauce. We'll then make two tagines - Chicken with Preserved Lemon, Green Olives & Thyme and a tagine of Sweet Potato, Shallots, Carrots and Prunes. No Moroccan meal would be complete without couscous. We'll make the traditional steamed version in a Couscousiér along with Braised Beef and Apricots. And for dessert – spiced oranges over ice cream with mint. $79.99   

New Orleans Cooking! - TBD

Louisiana Creole, defined by the cuisine of New Orleans, is a style of cooking which blends French, Spanish, West Africa, Amerindian, German, Caribbean, Italian and Irish influences as well as influences from the general cuisine of the Southern States. Join us as we explore the great recipes of the Big Easy! We’ll boil crawfish, recreate Arnaud’s Crabmeat Prentiss, make shrimp gumbo and andouille sausage jambalaya over rice and deep fry beignets with peach preserves for dessert. $79.99   

The Cuisine of Chesapeake Bay - TBD

It only makes sense to start an evening focusing on the Chesapeake Bay with oysters. We'll be shucking them fresh, roasting them with spinach & garlic and cornmeal crusting and frying them. We'll then tackle the classic roasted Rockfish with Crab Imperial with local mustard greens and citrus Beurre Blanc. For dessert will take a recipe out of the seminal guide to the Chesapeake's cuisine, Maryland's Way: The Hammond-Harwood House Cookbook, and prepare Ginger Cakes with Preserved Peaches and fresh Vanilla Ice Cream.  $79.99 

The Cuisine of Sicily - TBD

As the southernmost part of Italy, the island of Sicily's cuisine has been influenced over the years by the cuisines of Spain, France, Greece and the northern Arab countries. It’s a unique blend of the Italian heritage mixed with many Arab ingredients and influenced the bounty of the Mediterranean. Plus, Chef Pellegrino's Mother is Sicilian, so he learned from the best! The class will prepare a cold salad poached octopus layered with fennel, orange & salt cured olives. Then move on to roasting fresh fish with garlic & mint and sautéed fresh beans with Pancetta and onions. We’ll finish the evening with the Sicilian tradition of freshly made Pine Nut Cookies and Chocolate Biscotti.  $79.99    

The Cuisine of Lebanon - TBD

One of our favorite places to eat these days is Byblos in Federal Hill. The food is always so clean and fresh. That has inspired us to spend an evening creating some classic dishes from this unique cuisine. Although a lot of the Lebanese dishes might resemble many Mediterranean dishes, their preparation is slightly different. The class will start by making the three iconic spreads - Hommous, Tabbouleh and Mouhamara along with baking fresh Pita bread to enjoy with them. We'll then prepare Sheikh El-Mehsheh - layers of Eggplant and Beef, Lahmebaajeen - a pie of beef, tomato and spices and Snoubra - an enticing mixture of Bulgar wheat, potatoes and red peppers. $79.99   

Celebrating Bastille Day! - TBD

Just as we celebrate our independence on July 4th, on July 14th, the French celebrate the actions of a mob of Frenchmen, tired of the rule of their king, who stormed a prison to get weapons and free prisoners. It marked the start of the French Revolution and the rest is history! We'll start with the traditional French soup Bouillabaisse, a tomato based fish 'stew' with toasted Baguette and Rouille. We'll then make Chicken Provencal, a rustic dish highlighting olives, shallots and herbs...very French Revolution! then finish with a mixed berry tart, vanilla ice cream and Crème Anglaise. Vive la France! $79.99    

Cuban Cuisine - TBD

With the relaxing of relations between the United States and Cuba there has been a renewed interest in the cuisine of this tiny island that lies just 90 miles from the tip of Florida. Since, until lately, all the restaurants were controlled by the government, the real cuisine of the country has been preserved in the home kitchens or Paladares, independently owned underground restaurants that are sustained by the nation’s thriving black market. Join us as we explore the everchanging dishes of this unique country. Arrozo Congri or rice and black beans and Ropa Vieja, shredded beef, form the staples of the table. But we’ll also make Croquetas with ham, Lechón Asado, one of our favorite roasted pork dishes and to finish, the traditional Cuban flan. $79.99 


The Cuisine of India (Vegetarian Options) - TBD

Delhi, the National Capital of India is simply a gourmet’s delight. Cosmopolitan to the core, Delhi offers the best of cuisines, in the very best of the taste from all over the country. We'll explore the unique Indian ingredient lexicon then go to work creating Vegetable Samosas, Shahi Paneer or 'Royal Cottage Cheese', Chicken Kofta, Methi Matar Melai or Peas with Fengreek leaves, Badaam Pasanda, a lamb curry, and our own version of Roti, a traditional flat bread. We'll have some different spicy pickled vegetables and other chutneys we've made to compliment the meal. $79.99 

Chinese Take-Out - TBD

OK…it’s not necessarily a region but who doesn’t love having Chinese food delivered while you’re curled up on the couch watching your favorite TV shows? We’ll recreate all the classics with our little twist; Duck Confit Egg Rolls & Duck Sauce, Braised Beef Dumplings & Soy Ginger Dipping Sauce, Shrimp Toast, Lobster Fried Rice, Pork Lo Mein and General Tso’s Chicken Wings.  

Mediterranean Tapas - TBD

Join us for this new class, where we'll be cooking a large variety of Mediterranean small plates! 
The extensive menu includes grilled eggplant with ras al hanout and roasted ground lamb, keftedes (zucchini fritters), white bean hummus with feta and garlic-infused olive oil, garlic shrimp with garlic toast, fresh pan-fried falafel with tahini dressing, tabbouleh salad, baklava bites, and more! 

Asian Small Plates - TBD

Join us as we explore some Asian dishes that we all love...We will prepare several items and sit down for a tapas-style feast after. 


  • Korean Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps

  • Shrimp & Pork Vietnamese Summer Rolls

  • Indonesian/Filipino Style Lumpia

  • Assorted Vegetable Tempura with Dipping Sauces

  • Momos: an Eastern & Southern Asian Style Dumpling served with a Chutney

The Mediterranean Cuisine of Spain, Morocco, Turkey & Lebanon - TBD 

We usually think of Mediterranean Cuisine as that primarily from Greece, but there are many more countries to be considered. Join us as we explore the following dishes: a Moroccan Chicken, Lemon & Olive Tagine, Spanish Garlic Shrimp with Catalan Sauce, an array of Lebanese spreads such as Toum, Mahoummara & Harissa Hummus with handmade pita, Savory Turkish Pastries with meat and vegetables, and a traditional Baklava to finish.