Whether you're interested in raising your culinary game or just curious about how sausage is actually made, the techniques classes take an indepth look at all of the processes, equipment andi ingredients chefs use to create great meals. Our hands-on approached will have you making pasta like a pro, sharpening your knife correctly or making the perfect sauce. So, find a class that interests you and we'll have an apron waiting for you at Schola.


Please remember that we can't offer refunds to classes because our seating is very limited. If you can't make a class, you can send a friend in your place. Email us at least six hours before the class starts and let us know who will be taking your place. Schola is BYOB so bring a bottle or two of whatever you'd like to enjoy while cooking and eating. 

Cooking with Beer! - Tuesday November 12, 6PM 

Beer and Happy Hour pretty much go together! We'll be grabbing some of our favorite local beers to use in creating both classic dishes and some more modern treats. Join us as we create Beer Battered Onion Rings, Dark Beer Braised Beef Sliders with Spicy Slaw, Beer Steamed Mussels with Garlic and Herbs, Beer infused Mac & Cheese and Deep Fried Beer Brownies. $49.99    TICKETS

Baking Holiday Pies & Tarts - Saturday November 23, Noon  SOLD OUT

It's the perfect time to perfect your homemade pie crust skills! Since bringing a pie or tart to a holiday party is the perfect gift, we thought we'd take some time to get you on the right track. We'll talk about what it takes to make the perfect crust and then make three unique versions.  We'll then make a Turkey & Cranberry Pot Pie, the classic Sweet Potato Pie (but with some chocolate covered bacon to spice it up) a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie and the America standard - the Apple Pie. $49.99     TICKETS

Knife Skills Class –  Monday November 25, 6PM  

The knife is the chef's most important tool! The class will start with a lecture about knives, how they're made, how to sharpen them and what the different types are used for. The class will then go to work practicing the basic cuts, large & small dice, batonettes, peeling with a paring knife and mincing. Each student will then go to work deboning their own chicken. Everything we cut up will become dinner! Please feel free to bring your own knives and we'll help you sharpen them on our sharpening stones. $49.99    TICKETS

Thanksgiving Casseroles and Sides - Wednesday November 27, 6PM

Aside from the ominous chore of roasting a large turkey, Thanksgiving preparation requires the production of a plethora of side dishes to accompany that majestic bird. Join us as we elevate some of the classics and throw in a few of our own modern favorites. One dish we’ve become enamored with is the green bean casserole. We’ll take this dish from its humble beginnings and turn it into a culinary masterpiece! We’ll also bake Pumpkin Cranberry Soda Bread, craft the ultimate Mac & Cheese, bake apples with Maple Sage Sausage Stuffing and make our own marshmallows to top a Sweet Potato & Pecan casserole. And you can’t have Thanksgiving dinner with the cranberry sauce. Our version will incorporate red wine and blueberries to liven up this jiggly classic. We’ll make enough of our cranberry sauce for each student to take home a jar for their table. $49.99  TICKETS

Holiday Cookies & Candies - Saturday December 21, Noon

Baking and the holidays go together! Join us as we make baking simple, fun and easy! We'll tackle some classic cookies - the sugar cookie, linzers, lace cookies, chocolate dipped shortbreads with sea salt and the holiday favorite, rugelach. We'll build a tower of the Italian Struffoli and decorate a few gingerbread men. For holiday candies we'll roll rum balls and chocolate truffles, make white & dark chocolate bark and scoop pecan & bacon pralines. We'll make lots of everything so plan on bringing some home for the holidays. $59.99     TICKETS

The Art of Baking Bread – Thursday January 9, 6PM   

We'll tackle one of the most rewarding and enjoyable tasks in the kitchen...making bread! Nothing beats that smell! Join us as we talk about leavening agents and different types of flour, bread baking ovens and different techniques of the trade. We'll also bake five different types of bread; Irish soda bread, focaccia, whole grain bread, flatbreads and the 'old school' Parker House rolls. $49.99   TICKETS

Vegetarian Noodle Bowls - Tuesday January 14, 6PM  

We’ve decided to re-exam how we eat in 2019. That means backing off on the quantity of meat we’re consuming and adding in extra vegetables. Because of this you’re going to see more vegetarian classes on the schedule than in the past. We’re going to get an early start by making four different vegetarian noodle bowls…food that will keep you warm and comfortable through the winter. Crossing a few cultures, we’ll make a Bangkok Coconut Curry, a Soba & Spicy Peanut, a Mediterranean with Preserved Tomato & Winter Greens and a unique mushroom based Ramen with Toasted Rye noodles. $49.99   TICKETS

Everything Dumpling - Tuesday January 21 , 6PM   

Whether they’re steamed, fried, boiled or baked, the dumpling represents a little package of goodness in a couple of bites. Join us for a cross cultural exploration of this ubiquitous treat. The class will create steamed Asian shrimp dumplings, pork and scallion dumplings, potato filled Pierogis with sour cream and fried onions, the classic southern dish chicken & dumplings and baked apple dumplings as the sweet finale to class. $49.99  TICKETS

The Art of Making Pasta I - Wednesday January 22, 6PM   

Making fresh pasta used to be common place but with the advent of easy to cook, dried pasta, fresh pasta has taken a back seat in the kitchen. Unfortunately, once you've tasted the fresh stuff, it is hard to go back! Join us as we used the pasta sheeter to create a few of the old favorites - fettuccine alfredo, pappardelle in Bolognaise and cheese raviolis in spinach pesto. $49.99    TICKETS

The Art of Making Pizza -  Saturday January 25, Noon

Pizza, probably one of the most enjoyed foods in this country, is fun and easy to make from scratch at home. We'll learn to make both a thin crust and deep dish pizza crust, craft sauces and prepare toppings for this ubiquitous food. We'll then spend the rest of the class making our own pizzas and eating them! $49.99  TICKETS

Understanding the Pressure Cooker - Tuesday January 28, 6PM

As it turns out, pressure cookers really are amazingly useful tools, unparalleled in their ability to quickly tenderize meat and vegetables and extract flavors. A dish that would take hours of simmering on the stovetop can be ready in under an hour with the help of a pressure cooker. These dishes are also very healthy because they don't rely on any extra butter or fats added in the cooking process. We'll discuss different versions of the pressure cooker and how to use one safely then go to work creating Chicken and Chickpea Masala, Sweet Pork, Texas Style Chile con Carne with Beef Short Rib and Mushroom Risotto. $59.99   TICKETS 

The Art of Making Ramen - Wednesday February 5, 6PM

The two of us have become obsessed with Ramen! It is such a complex yet simple bowl of food. Join us as we work on perfecting all of the components in this Japanese masterpiece. We'll talk about making the actual stock, make our own alkali noodles, dissect the different additional ingredients and finish by each making our own bowl or two of Ramen. $49.99    TICKETS

Understanding American BBQ and its Sauces - Saturday, February 8, Noon

As BBQ guru Steven Raichlen says, “Smoke may be the soul of barbecue, but the sauce gives it personality.” But where you are from will define what you believe is barbecue sauce! In Kansas City it is thick, red and sweet…Texas is kind of the same but no sweetness and more vinegar…in North Carolina it’s vinegar based and in South Carolina it’s all about the mustard…in Alabama it’s made with mayo and vinegar! Smoking meat takes some time, so we’ll teach you how to make the best brisket, pork butt, ribs and sausages around while crafting some of the traditional sides such as spicy slaw, corn relish, kitchen sink potato salad and lots of pickled vegetables.

We’ll also make all the regional sauces for us to experiment with. And when we’re all done we’ll sit down to a national barbecued meat feast! $69.99    TICKETS

The Art of Making Cheese & Butter - Wednesday March 4, 6PM   

These two things…cheese and butter…are some of the most ethereal pleasures in the culinary world. Join us as we explore many of the things you need to know to make your own butter and cheese at home. The class will work with a few vintage Dazey butter churns to make and season some of their own cultured butter. We’ll also make a few fresh cheeses, Ricotta. Mozzarella, Burrata and Queso Fresco and discuss and have demonstrated how to make some of the harder and aged cheeses. We’ll also have a few of the classics on hand to learn about and sample. $49.99     TICKETS

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Please bring a bottle or two of something to enjoy while we cook. We'll have lots of glassware and ice available. 






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