Whether you're interested in raising your culinary game or just curious about how sausage is actually made, the techniques classes take an indepth look at all of the processes, equipment andi ingredients chefs use to create great meals. Our hands-on approached will have you making pasta like a pro, sharpening your knife correctly or making the perfect sauce. So, find a class that interests you and we'll have an apron waiting for you at Schola.


Please remember that we can't offer refunds to classes because our seating is very limited. If you can't make a class, you can send a friend in your place. Email us at least six hours before the class starts and let us know who will be taking your place. Schola is BYOB so bring a bottle or two of whatever you'd like to enjoy while cooking and eating. 

Fall Canning & Preserving - Tuesday September 8, 6PM

Once considered a lost art, the canning and preserving of foods from the garden in the end of summer to use through the winter has become popular once again. Join us as we explore the different methods and techniques used to can and preserve food including pressure canning, pickling, and confit. Then we'll jump in and get our hands dirty making different versions of pickles, canned tomatoes, confit vegetables, preserves and jams. $49.99


The Art of Making Pasta III - Tuesday September 15, 6PM   

Join us as we continue to explore the endless world of making great pasta. In Pasta III we will start to explore flavored doughs – a spinach and lemon zest fettuccini tossed in a tomato cream sauce and a porcini mushroom cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and sage. Then we’ll shape by hand some different and uncommon shapes – the Tuscan pinci, pencil thick strands in a traditional tomato sauce and the ‘ear’ pasta – orecchiette with sausage and bitter greens. $49.99 You do not have to take any of the other pasta classes to take Pasta III   TICKETS

The Art of Making Bacon & Sausage - Tuesday September 29, 6PM

It is hard to deny that bacon has become ubiquitous in the culinary world, and for good reason. Sausage, something every culture has its own version of, stemmed from the desire to use even the most difficult of cuts from the animal. Join us as we explore these two culinary treasures. The class will learn about the proper tools and ingredients for making a variety of fresh sausages such sweet Italian, chorizo, maple sage breakfast patties and the spicy lamb sausage Merguez. We'll then talk about the curing of meats and the process of making bacon. We'll finish by sampling all of these amazing creations. $59.99  TICKETS

The Art of Making Soup I - Tuesday October 6, 6PM     

Possibly the best comfort food on a cold day, we've been making soups forever. Join us as we make five soup classics; Julia Child's Potato Leek, a traditional Italian Tomato & Winter Greens soup, New England Seafood Chowder, Chicken Noodle soup and the classic French Onion soup. $49.99     TICKETS

The Art of Making Soup II - Monday October 26, 6PM

Sometimes we just can’t get enough soup! In Soups I we take a look at many of the classics. In the second version of this class we are going to craft five soups from around the globe…the Southern French Bouillabaisse, India’s Mulligatawny, Tom Kha Gai - Thailand’s coconut chicken soup, Green Chili Posole and Italy’s Stracciatelli. $49.99 You do not have to take Soup I to take this class.   TICKETS

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Please bring a bottle or two of something to enjoy while we cook. We'll have lots of glassware and ice available. 


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Promo code 'SCHOLA' for 20% off
Promo code 'SCHOLA' for 20% off

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