Spirits of Mt Vernon is excited to partner with Chef Jerry Pellegrino and Schola Cooking School, in a series of wine education seminars.









Seminars offered at Spirits of Mt Vernon; 900 North Charles Street.  Class size is limited to 20 participants.   Call Spirits of Mt Vernon to purchase your ticket at (410)727-7270. 




Getting to Know the Pinot Family - Saturday May 3, Noon

It may be one of the oldest families in the vineyard; Pinot Blanc, Gris, Noir and Meunier, and certainly one of the most loved. The class will start with a look at a few classic Pinot Gris and Pinot Blancs before getting heavily into Pinot Noirs from around the world. We’ll taste eight great wines and provide tasting sheets and wine friendly snacks. $59


The Wines of Argentina - Saturday June 3, Noon

Argentina is now the seventh largest wine producing country in the world. Their ability to elevate Malbec, considered nothing more than a minor blending grape in France, to a wine of intensity and complexity has carved out a special niche for them in the red wine world. Still gaining ground on Sauvignon Blanc, the indigenous white varietal Torrentes, makes a beautifully floral crisp white. Join Chef Pellegrino as we taste through eight wines that define what Argentina is all about. Tasting sheets and wine friendly snacks are included. $59


The Cabernet Family from Around the World - Saturday July 8. Noon

Cabernet Sauvignon and its parent Cabernet Franc seem to grow profusely anywhere and everywhere grapes are grown! It is a fickle varietal, often producing wines with strikingly different characteristics depending on climate, soil type and winery practice. Join us as we navigate through the world of Cabernet; tasting eight wines from around the world that exemplify how great the wines made from this grape can be. Tasting sheets and wine friendly snacks are included. $59


Understanding the multi-hued world of Rosé - Saturday July 22, Noon

Drink Pink! Rosés are finally mainstream…for those of us who have been drinking them for twenty years, now is more exciting, and more confusing, then ever. With Rosé being the fastest growing category in the wine world, there are more wines to choose from than ever. We’ll start class by figuring out just what Rosé is and talk about how it is made. Then we’ll dive into six rosés from around the globe, trying not to like every one of them! Tasting sheets and wine friendly snacks are included. $59


Wine 101 - Tasting The Basics – Saturday August 12, Noon

Join Chef Pellegrino for an evening of exploring one of his greatest passions, the world of wine. The class will work on understanding some of the basic components of wine; acidity, tannin, oak and other common aromas by tasting six different wines. Chef will also discuss ordering and storing wine in his no nonsense approach and total irreverence for wine snobbery. The intimate setting allows for students to ask questions and enjoy some truly great wines. Tasting sheets and wine friendly snacks are included. $59




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Please bring a bottle or two of something to enjoy while we cook. We'll have lots of glassware and ice available. 






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